Which actioncam models is the Waterspy suitable for?

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The waterspy is suitable for all actioncam models, regardless of manufacturer, which are within the maximum dimensions of 62x71x40mm.

What depth can I fish with the waterspy?

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The waterspy is not tied to any maximum depth. The limits here are at the maximum depth of the actioncam specified by the manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with these

Is the actioncam really safe in the waterspy?

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Absolutely. If the actioncam is inserted correctly and secured, there is no risk of it being lost due to normal external influences.

What happens if the line breaks?

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To avoid this, the fishing tackle must be selected according to the additional load. The lines, rods and swivels in particular should be accordingly strong.

for which types of fishing is the waterspy suitable?

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The water spy was primarily developed for trolling. However, the waterspy has other exciting options as well, as you can see here.

In no case should the waterspy be used to cast from the shore.

What is the advantage of the waterspy over the common fishing cameras?

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There are a few points where the waterspy is clearly superior to conventional fishing cameras.

  • If you already have an action cam, you can simply use it and don't have to get an extra fishing camera which you can only use for this purpose.
  • Many action cams offer you the opportunity to film in high 4K quality.
  • The waterspy can not only be used to film your bait, but also for many other insights into the world of fish.

What kind of rod do i need to use the waterspy 1.0?

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A relatively heavy rod should be used, such as one used for pike or cod fishing. 
Preferably one with a tight action