Key features

The ingenious features of Waterspy that make it so unique


Can be used without lure

In addition to the possibility of filming your bait while fishing and having your bites live on tape, the waterspy also offers you some possibilities to re-enjoy your fishing experience in a different way.

Thanks to the balancing of the waterspy and the design, the device always lands on its two "runners". So it is stable on the ground and always films slightly upwards, so that you can see where the action is going on and not just the ground.

Some hotspots are easily recognizable from the outside. But many of them are under water and from the outside you can't even guess that the fish are right there. Exactly these secret hotspots can be easily identified with the waterspy and become your personal fish guarantee place.

One balancing option offers you the possibility that the Waterspy stands in the water like a bobber. So you can watch your feeding place while passive fishing and film bites live.

When fishing vertically from a boat, you can align the waterspy so that it films exactly what is happening under your boat.

In every angler there is a little explorer. Who does not wonder what else is floating around in their waters, apart from the coveted fish. With the Waterspy you can explore your fishing ground and have exciting insights into the underwater world.

Examples of the various areas of application for waterspy in the fishing world

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